Give health and hope to children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Just $8 could save a life!

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$10,000 goal

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Let's Give Hope to Families and Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Grace Children's Hospital is a trusted source in Haiti for healthcare, and roughly 400 patients a day travel from all over to receive care. For only $8 a day, a child can be admitted to the inpatient ward to receive important medical care, nutritious food and clean water, and the needed loving care of the mamas that show each child that he/she is important. Yet, so many families cannot even afford the $8. Grace Children's Hospital accepts all patients, regardless of the family's ability to pay.

On this annual day of giving, will you give up your morning latte, pack a sack lunch, or carpool to work to save a few dollars and instead use it to sponsor a child's health? A gift of just $8 today could truly save a life of a child in Haiti tomorrow.

This Giving Tuesday, help provide health, hope, and comfort as it's truly more blessed to give than to receive.

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